Bamoo Helmets to Save Your Head

Continuing with my discovery of bamboo as a sustainable, eco-friendly and innovative medium of creation, I discovered a crash helmet made of bamboo.

Don't rub your eyes or pinch yourself - this is the real thing. Presenting the Roof R06 Bamboo with a shell constructed entirely from bamboo fibres that passes the E22-05 safety requirements for helmets.

I, like most people used to think that bamboo, being a grass, is extremely fragile (although flexiible), and would definitely not be able to withstand hard knocks. I learnt that this is a misconception as proven by the Roof R06 BambooRoof R06 Bamboo motorcycle helmet.

Constructed from bamboo slivers, the Roof R06 managed to pass safety requirements for use on the road with flying colors. The great thing about this helmet is that not only does it offer adequate protection for your head; it also helps reduce the use of plastics and other environmentally-unfriendly materials during the manufacturing of standard helmets.

The only feature against this cool product is the price tag. The company is retailing these limited edition pieces for £189 each.

I can only imagine the difference to environment these would make (were they more affordable) in developing countries where motorcycles and other two-wheelers are the primary mode of transport.


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