Banana Stuffer Turns Boring Bananas Into Sweet & Delicious Snacks

The Sonna! Chocobana-na kit is just the thing for parents whose fussy kids turn their noses up at healthy bananas. Next time finicky eaters say “stuff it,” you can do just that! 

The Sonna! Chocobana-na kit comes from Japan's Takara Tomy (the company's innovative T-ARTS division, to be exact) and was first introduced in June of 2015. Cute design and kid-centric graphics notwithstanding, the kit is anything but a toy.

Boring Bananas... Literally

The Sonna! Chocobana-na kit combines a number of child-safe tools and functions that allow users to drill out and remove the fruit's central core, then fill the resulting space with complementary fillings. The latter have to be thick liquids or semi-solids, so those desiring to fill their bananas with ground bacon and deep-frying them are on their own. 

But we digress (mmm, bacon!), all you need is a banana or two plus your choice of fillings. Chocolate syrup, strawberry jam and peanut butter are suggested. The instructions are relatively simple and straightforward but this video can help users visualize the procedure.

Tasty To The Core

Now that you've taken your humble banana to the delicious next level, wrap the exposed tip in clear plastic wrap and you're good to go... to work, school, play or whatever!

Your kids will be the envy of the cafeteria, plus – assuming they don't swap their enhanced bananas with envious classmates – they'll enjoy a healthy infusion of natural vitamins and minerals to help get them through the day. (via White Rabbit Express)