BananaHandle: Because Chimps Don't Burn Themselves On Hot Pans



As Fred says, "You've never seen a chimpanzee burn himself on a hot pan, have you?" Fred, of Fred & Friends, is the man behind dozens of creative, humorous, and amazingly functional gadgets for the home, and particularly, for entertaining. The BananaHandle's one of Fred's latest products and you have to admit, it looks like more fun than most pot holders.

Made of heat-resistant silicone, the BananaHandle protects hands, "both human and primate," from temperatures above -58°F to below 446°F, so they're more protective than most fabric potholders and many other silicone potholders. The slip-on design makes the BananaHandle easy and obvious, an important feature, as so often we rescue our food quickly from the stove before it burns or boils.

Fred uses recyclable PET-G for packaging, so he's green too!

At an affordable price of $7.50 from and other online retailers, the BananaHandle makes a useful and fun Father's Day, wedding shower, or hostess gift.


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May 30, 2008
by Anonymous


This blog usually has much better articles than this. Slow Friday?