Bandit9 Motorcycle Design's Bishop Concept Offers Minimalist Luxury, Maximum Exclusivity

If Bandit9 Motorcycle Design's mission is creating beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind motorcycles than what can we say about the stripped-down, up-content Bishop Concept, a limited edition of nine superbly styled cycles?

Starting with a box-stock Honda SuperSport with a 90cc to 125cc engine, the skilled designer-engineers at Beijing-based Bandit9 proceed to make the Japanese machine nearly unrecognizable – in a good way.

Step one is stripping the Honda down to its bare bones and building it back up around a high-grade aluminum unibody; it's nearly impossible to discern where the frame ends and the body begins!

Added to this skeleton are a custom exhaust, suspension and muffler. No performance mods are performed on the Honda's stock engine besides installing an electric starter, though with a presumably lighter weight performance will definitely be enhanced.

Quartz glass-encased LED brake lights are a nice touch but what really distinguishes the Bishop Concept cycle visually are the charcoal gray suede seat and a set of side panels in the buyer's choice of burled teak, walnut or oak: like Jerry Seinfeld's precious new jacket, you won't want to take the Bishop Concept motorcycle out in the rain.

As the Bishop Concept is to be a limited edition of only 9 machines, interested buyers had best contact the company, like, yesterday. Pricing as per Bandit9 is from $6,400 to $6,800 each excluding shipping fees.