Bangalore Safe Driving Campaign May Get Your Clothes Bloody

Bangalore is India's third most populous city.  As such, traffic congestion is a problem-and safe driving is a primary concern.

The Mudra Group was tasked with bringing cell phone related accidents to the attention of drivers throughout the country.  And they didn't pull the punches.

Don't Talk While He DrivesDon't Talk While He Drives

Subtlety is not the word of the day here.

Don't Talk While She DrivesDon't Talk While She Drives

Let's just hope they didn't augment this campaign with fake phones riddled with blood packs and squibs.  Exploding blood phones would ruin a lot of clothing.

And another Don't Talk While He Drives...And another Don't Talk While He Drives...

In my opinion this ad campaign is a bit over-the-top, but still very creative.  And definitely effective.

Message received-though I think that if it were aimed more at texting it would be more on target.

SOURCE: Ads of the World.