Banish Backyard Bugs with Repelight Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Repelight, from Compact Impact of Japan, is a 26-watt compact fluorescent "bug light" that glows gold but acts green.

With tropical mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever on the rise, it makes sense to bolster your backyard bug banishers before the pesky varmints put the bite on you and your family. Now you can do just that while at the same time save bucks - and the environment - with the Repelight CFL (compact fluorescent light) energy efficient bulb.


The oddly shaped, golden toned Repelight is a 26-watt compact fluorescent light bulb that is rated at 8,000 hours lamp life. That's around 13 years assuming you have it on 4 hours per evening, 6 months of each year and depending on the cimate in your area you might not need it more than a few months a year.

The energy efficient Repelight has certain advantages over specialty light bulbs and competitive anti-mosquito products that make it a compelling choice for homeowners who enjoy relaxing outdoors in the twilight hours when mosquitoes are at their most active:

  • It repels all flying insects, not just mosquitos, and won't attract moths.
  • For those who cherish life, it doesn't "fry" bugs like electronic bug zappers do.
  • Unlike traditional smoldering Mosquito Coils it doesn't emanate smelly vapors.

Compact Impact is the place to get your own Repelight, which costs $11.95 each plus shipping. It's the perfectly green way to update the time-tested incandescent yellow "bug light" bulbs that have been around for ages.

Keep in mind, however, that the specs show the energy saving Repelight as requiring the 110 Volt (50/60hz) Japanese standard. Compact Impact has an online store at so American residents might consider making inquiries there first.

Editor's Note: In the U.S., the Miracle LED 605023 Bug Lite Bulb is a good alternative to the Repelight.


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