Bank Note Handkerchiefs Make You Feel Cooler and Richer

Japan hasn't been immune from the effects of the economic crisis and the nation's iconic "salarymen" are taking it on the chin. Layoffs, reduced pay, canceled bonuses... it's enough to make even the coolest cut-throat stock market shark sweat like Bernie Madoff being introduced to his new cellmate, Mongo.

What to do? Can't have the hired help see you bathed in perspiration when you're used to inspiring admiration. Ta da! Just like the US Cavalry, here come 10,000 yen cotton faux banknotes to the rescue!

It may not be as impressive as lighting cigars with $100 bills but crisp new Franklins are hard to come by these days. Actual 10,000 yen cotton handkerchiefs are worth about as much yet the replicas won't cost you more than around $7.15 each.

These cool currency cloths come 10 to an order and are ingeniously packaged in a replica Japanese brown paper pay envelope to complete the "you're so money!" impression. Want to look like an overpaid, overheated foreign businessman with a yen for conspicuous consumption? Dreading the thought of a "weekend at Bernie's"? Don't sweat the details, just visit A Rinkya Blog for more information and online retailer Rakuten to place your bet, er, order.