Banknote Jewelry: Flaunt Your Riches!

Bling used to be gold and shiny, creating a glint that would immediately make people think "wow, that dude/girl is swimming in money". Well, now there's a jewelry designer who's making it possible for you to wear your riches in a different way!

Jewelry Made from MoneyJewelry Made from Money

Designer Tine De Ruysser has created a line called Banknote Jewelry which is created using just that! The designer has taken currency from around the world, including the US, South Africa and Australia and has manipulated it to make it into beautiful pieces of wearable art. This could just bring a new trend to bling..just don't tell the government (of any of these countries), they don't take kindly to defacing currency.

 Banknote JewelryBanknote Jewelry

Via: TrendHunter