Barber Stop Pop-Up Barber Shop For The Industrious Barber

Pop-up business are all the rage these days because of their decreased environmental impact, and the fact that they can be picked up and moved to make sure they're always in the hottest location. What better business for a pop-up structure than a barber shop?

Barber Stop is the pop-up barber shop which is just big enough for one barber's chair, and the haircutter him or herself. The small barbershop setups are fully-functional with electricity and water installed for easy cleanup and use of clippers and other barber shop staples.

Barber Shop's business concept, is that established barbers can setup shop wherever and cater to their existing clientele, but they can also attract new men in need of a little bit of barber attention because of the unique and eye-catching design of the pop-up barber shop.

With so many businesses catching on to this portable pop-up trend, with no sense of permanence in retail and other organizations, there might be some serious logistical issues in the future!

Jul 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Great idea, howcan we get

Great idea, howcan we get such a technology in Nigeria. impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!