Barcode Plus: Company That Believes In Full Consumer Disclosure

There's a black market for stolen goods in many countries around the world that get passed off as legitimate. Not only is this misleading to unsuspecting consumers, they can encounter legal ramifications for purchasing counterfeit goods. In order to help businesses and consumers verify the legitimacy of their purchases, Barcode Plus has been created.

Barcode PlusBarcode Plus

Since Barcodes have been used on practically all goods sold in the United States since the 1970's, the Barcode Plus system allows business owners and consumers alike to verify that the things they've invested in are legitimate simply by using their portal. Barcode Plus can validate all items that have a barcode and provide greater detail about the item that they've purchased including certifications and testing history for products that derived in Hong Kong, shelf life, ingredient lists, and even the country of origin.

Barcode Plus is currently only in Beta but is set for release later this year in the spirit of full consumer disclosure! Its timing couldn't be better either, while the ability to verify counterfeit products is of course a bonus, at a time where consumers are focusing on purchasing local goods, this can help with purchase decisions.