Barnes and Noble Delivers E-Reader

The Barnes & Noble e-reader has been caught in the rumor mill for a while and it's finally official. Earlier this week, B&N dropped the curtain on the Nook and unveiled a device that is sure to give the Kindle a run for its money. Much like the Alex that we saw a few days ago, the Nook features two separate screens: the traditional  e-ink e-reader screen and an LCD touchscreen that provides scrolling and navigation. B&N boasts that its " sleek, minimalist design puts the focus on the content, not the technology". 


The Nook provides access to downloads via AT&T's 3G network as well as Wi Fi. The device runs on Google's Android OS. One of the more interesting features that is that users will be able to lend out e-books free of charge to other users. The technology is known as LendMe and provides up to14 days of loan time to other Nook users as well as those using other devices including PCs, iPhone and some Blackberry models.

Other good news is that the Nook supports the open format.  The device also includes a microSD slot good up to 16GB (or some 17,500 e-books) and a replaceable battery. 

In addition to offering a slicker design than the latest Kindles on the market, Barnes & Noble also has the advantage of a large network of comfortable retail stores where those interested in books and technology can try out the device and browse e-books prior to buying. On the other hand, some early grumbling has been thrown out in regard to B&N's higher book pricing. 

Available content includes over one million book titles in Barnes and Noble e-book store, newspaper subscriptions and magazine subscriptions. 

The Nook will be available in late November for $259, making it the perfect gift (or request) for the upcoming holiday season. Get the full scoop and place your preorder at

Via Computer World