Baseball Players, Practice Your Swing And Your Fielding With The Spring Trainer

Goalrilla Spring TrainerGoalrilla Spring Trainer

If you're a baseball player, you know that training on your own can sometimes be very difficult. The skills required in the sport, primarily hitting and catching, often require a training partner to develop and perfect. However, Goalrilla's Spring Trainer could solve those problems by allowing you to practice your swing and fielding by yourself. This clever invention can be a hitting station or a pitchback.

First, your swing. The Spring Trainer consists of an authentic baseball held by adjustable bungee cords and a pitchback. All you do is hit the ball into the pitchback and repeat. With the Spring Trainer's unique design, you never have to retrieve balls or replace them on a tee, and the adjustable bungee cords allow you to practice your swing on pitches in different parts of the strike zone. 

 Pitchback TrainingPitchback Training

Second, your fielding. By taking off the bungee cords, you can easily turn the hitting station into a simple pitchback. The pitchback is one of the simplest tools a player can use for fielding on their own. Just throw the ball at the netting and it will bounce back at you. Throw it harder for a harder bounce back.

The Spring Trainer won't cost you an arm and a leg either. Depending on where you order it, you'll be looking to spend anywhere from $280-$400. And really you don't have to look any further than Amazon. They offer this product at that lower $280 price. 

Source: Goalrilla  

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