Baseball Bat Pepper Mill Adds Some Heat to Your Meal

In the latest useless but fun sports gag gift, we have the Baseball Bat Pepper Mill. Rather than scale down a baseball bat to pepper mill size the way you might think they'd do, Cole and Mason have scaled the pepper mill up to baseball bat size bringing us the King Pepper Mill. A full two and a half feet worth of natural-wood bat holds a stainless steel pepper mill in the barrel and grinding mechanism in the handle. For those that find themselves choking up, there's also a smaller, 19-inch version.

While this bat is certainly a fun novelty for baseball fans everywhere, it would be a bit awkward to use or store at the dining room table or grill. On the plus side, if you introduced this baby into the field of play you could send a furiously fiery cloud of irritating black pepper as you smashed the bat into pieces on a slow dribbler. If you aimed it correctly, you could have the first recorded infield, slow-dribbler-back-to-the-pitcher home run.

You can get yours over at Amazon for $50. Hurry, though, at the time of posting, Amazon stated that there were only two left in stock. Be sure to reserve yours before the season is over. Because using a giant baseball bat pepper grinder just looks silly on an NFL Sunday.

Amazon via Coolest Gadgets

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