Basepro Is More Than Just A Laptop Tray

Laptop trays are nice. They keep your legs from burning up and typically keep your laptop cooler by use of internal fans in the laptop tray. But, that's it. That's typically all they do. Sure, some have little odds and ends, like cup holders, but really, things like that are nothing but gimmicks. With the Basepro from Absolute, however, things get a lot more interesting.

The Basepro is currently being funded on IndieGoGo, but will hopefully see the light of day due to its innovative ideas that are helping reinvent what we previously perceived to be acceptable in the laptop workstation market. You're probably saying to yourself right about now, "I've never even thought about what I considered to be acceptable in the laptop workstation market." Don't worry, you're not alone. A lot of the times you don't realize a product is boring, or can be improved upon, until someone comes in and completely shakes it up.

A little bold? Yes, maybe, but this Basepro is seriously doing some pretty cool things. There are no cup holders on this thing, but that just leaves more room for the four USB 3.0 ports that are transferring data at lightning fast speeds. Also included with the Basepro is an external harddrive, that is stored... internally. Sizes range from 1 terabyte, all the way up to 4 terabytes. The unit does not include internal fans for laptop cooling, but cools laptops through the use of a custom aluminum panel that dissipates heat away from the laptop.

Overall, the Basepro is a really cool piece of tech that could find its way into a lot of people's homes. The external storage is extremely useful, and being able to power it via your laptop is a lot easier, and more convenient, than having to find an external power supply for it.  The four USB 3.0 plugs mean tech-savvy people on the go will always have a place for a quick charge on their cameras, smartphones, and tablets.

The campaign still has plenty of time to reach its goal, you have until November 13th to pledge.

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