Bath Bombs Turn Your Hot Bath Into a Deep Fryer

Come fry with me!Come fry with me!
Shouldn't every bath time be a Happy Bath Time? Wizland thinks so, and to ensure there are more bubbles than troubles, offers up bath bombs which reveal Fried Foods and Sweet Donuts. Mmm, donuts...

It's not hard to guess how the idea for Wizland's Happy Bath Time bath bomb series came about. Drop a typical bath bomb into a warm tub and the thing bubbles & froths like a Mento in a Coke bottle... or, like a breaded shrimp dropped into boiling oil. Now your (or your child's) bath isn't hot enough to fry a shrimp, but it can LOOK that way - and therein lies the fun!

Wizland makes two series of bath bombs with the "Fried Foods" set being the more interesting (and incongruous). For the low, low price of just 367 yen (about $4.25), you get a fried prawn, an "American dog" (on a stick, like a Pogo), fried potato wedges and a glazed donut.

The "Bath Donut" series works the same way, offering 4 donuts per set. Once the bomb's outer coating fizzes away, you're left with the sweet scent of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or caramel - and a cute, food-shaped toy to cherish.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Dunkin' Donuts", huh? No telling if the shrimps, hot dogs or taters leave one smelling of those aromas however. One can only hope... not.

Dec 24, 2008
by Anonymous


kids would probably eat it...and so would some adults..

Dec 30, 2008
by Anonymous

that is AWESOME!!! I

that is AWESOME!!!

I suppose... though if you use it too many times, wouldn't you end up with heaps and heaps of replicas of the same toy?

A collection, I suppose