Bath Mats Are Going Green -- Literally!

For people who love the outdoors and want to bring the outdoors indoors this bathmat could be a dream come true. This bath mat is made up of several types of moss planted in a tray. You can walk on it, wiggle The Mossy Carpet by La Chanh NguyenThe Mossy Carpet by La Chanh Nguyenyour toes on it, and feel nature beneath your feet. It is a houseplant that your get to walk all over. The prototype has been around for a while, but it is now available for purchase -- if you have the Euros.

The Moss Carpet, or Larosée, by Swiss-based industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen is a great step back to caveman existence. As you step out of the shower your feet are treated to the velvety softness of natural moss. As you drip, so do you water the plants. This recycles the gray The Mossy Carpet by La Chanh NguyenThe Mossy Carpet by La Chanh Nguyenwater that would ordinarily be absorbed into the fibers of a standard bathmat.

The mat consists of ball, forest, and island types of moss all planted in a stylish arrangement in the cells of a sturdy, decay-free, fungus-resistant tray of plastazote. The moss loves the humid environment of the bathroom and you don't need to flop this mat over the side of the tub to get it to dry out. It is unique enough to have your guests buzzing -- and visiting your bathroom for more than just necessary chores.

The edges of the tray are designed The Mossy Carpet by La Chanh NguyenThe Mossy Carpet by La Chanh Nguyento fit together to allow you to cover the size space you need protected. In addition to reusing the water from your bath or shower, you will also be turning carbon-dioxide back into oxygen. 

The mat is available for sale now from bHoOtik for just €80.00. Check it out, click here.

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Laurie Kay Olson
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