Bathroom Renovation: New Innovations In Bathroom Technology Today

New innovations in bathroom renovation make your loo look -and feel- like something from a sci-fi novel. New technology also lets you upgrade the bathroom with smarts and improve the value of your home at the same time. Turning the restroom into a home spa is not new, but the increasing demand for high tech and green products is driving advances beyond just super showers.

Conservation and sustainability trends combined with advances in technology are creating bathroom items more like luxury space stations than utilitarian potties. Don’t poo-poo the products until you read more about them.

New Innovations in Tubs and Showers

The Moxie showerhead with Bluetooth technology puts a wireless speaker system in your shower. The system can process up to seven hours of music, podcasts or news while you scrub. Now you can hear the music through the water instead of having to turn up the volume to 11 to hear it over the water.
Kohler MoxieKohler Moxie

Customize your bathroom renovation even more with a programmable shower kit. Depending on the model, you can save your preferences for water temperature and volume, or even shower-massage settings. High-end models let you program in a steam shower, a Wi-Fi source for your music, multiple spray outlets, a tankless water heater, and a remote starter. Yes, now you can start your shower from bed.
Moen IODigital Shower SpaMoen IODigital Shower Spa

Steam showers have been a luxury must-have for a few years now. The pods, or shower enclosures, feature built in reclined seats and foot massagers. Some have mood lighting or LED color-changing lights, built in music connections and adjustable body sprays. Luxury models feature futuristic looking shower surrounds and more new innovations.
Steam ShowerSteam Shower

For the hardcore tanning crowd, ProSun lets you build in a tanning room into your shower. The unit features five 400-watt lamps, reflectors and a double UV filter in an 8-inch thick unit that can be added to an existing shower stall. Top the whole thing off with high-intensity LED infrared lights to build skin elastin and collagen.

Still not happy with your bathing experience? Take a test drive in the Kohler VibrAcoustic tub and listen to music with your whole body. The new technology takes your iPod and streams music wirelessly through transducers below the shell of the tub. These broadcast sound waves through the water without disturbing the surface of the water. Listening to music with your butt is a bathroom renovation we can all get behind.
VibrAcoustic BathtubVibrAcoustic Bathtub

 The programmable Water Pebble is neither expensive nor elaborate. It is green and helps you save water by recording how much water runs down the drain during your shower. After that, it trains you to take shorter showers by flashing lights seven to ten seconds sooner at every shower.

Water Pebble Shower Water Use MonitorWater Pebble Shower Water Use Monitor

New Technology for Faucets and Sinks

The Destiny Hands-Free faucet from Moen lets you wash your hands without touching potentially virusy faucet handles. This one is perfect for the germophobes in the family. Plus, it’s a pretty addition to a bathroom renovation.
Moen Destiny FaucetMoen Destiny Faucet

No more worrying about drinking from a germy faucet, either. For those of you who don’t like to keep cups in the bathroom for the odd drink of water here and there, try the Tapi. It turns your faucet into a drinking fountain for about the cost of a large size package of red plastic beer cups.

When you are ready to upgrade your sink to true science fiction territory, install the SmartFaucet from iHouse. It comes with facial recognition new technology, so your pre-programmed water temperature and flow preferences automatically activate when you enter the room. The SmartFaucet has integrated temperature-sensitive LEDs that illuminate the water for a fun lightshow, or use the faucet’s touch screen to read email, the weather or your calendar while you scrub.
Smart Faucet from iHouseSmart Faucet from iHouse


Innovations In Toilets

You already know low-water volume toilets are the wave of the future. Some people have already enjoyed the dual-flush toilet, with settings appropriate for Number One or Number Two. Get ready for a few more high-end bathroom renovation ideas.

The Japanese, masters of toilet etiquette and new innovations, created an iPhone app called Eco-Oto. Embarrassing bathroom noises, odors and the excesses of a courtesy flush are no longer problems for the Japanese with this app. It plays flushing sounds to save water and dignity for the price of one 99-cent download from iTunes.
Toto AquiaToto Aquia
Toto toilets feature self-cleaning bowls, high-efficiency dual flushing systems, and energy conserving features. The company has been doing this since before it was cool. The Aquia model hides the tank inside the wall for a minimalist look.

The Washlet, however, may be one of Toto’s greatest new innovations to date. Already in use by 2.7 million Japanese households, the Washlet is a warm water personal cleansing system. The system is a very fancy toilet seat that is installed after-market onto any toilet.
Washlet Personal Cleansing System ToiletWashlet Personal Cleansing System Toilet

After users have done their business, they select a type of clean from the remote-control keypad. Washlet uses clean water coming from a wand to clean what needs cleaning on your body. Nothing touches your bits but water. The wand cleans itself automatically before and after every use.
Toto Washlet Personal Cleansing Toilet SystemToto Washlet Personal Cleansing Toilet System

Another button starts the warm air drier, and yet another control neutralizes odors in and around the toilet bowl. For the final touch, the Washlet SoftClose seat shuts itself silently. Washlet lets you program in preferred water pressure, temperature and cycling massage motions. It learns your usage patterns and re-educates itself once a week to maintain maximum energy savings. You can even dock your iPhone or MP3 player directly with the speaker-equipped high tech toilet.

 Washlet Toilet by TotoWashlet Toilet by Toto

Accessorize Your Bathroom Renovation

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures weight, BMI and body fat percentage, and tracks it wirelessly. You can access all the data from any computer or Smartphone and see your progress. It also syncs with your Fitbit personal fitness device, which is a pedometer on crack that also monitors your sleep patterns and other fitness goals.
Fitbit ScaleFitbit Scale

With these super-cool new technology products, your next bathroom renovation can be beyond amazing. You may never want to leave the room!

What is your favorite new innovation for the bathroom? What would you like to see in the future?

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