Bathroom Rug Scale Reminds You Of How Much You've Failed

You don't actually need to enter the world of design to find imaginative scale ideas that attempt to cajole, coerce and shame you into a better you. Just take a look back at the Body Scale, which tweets your weight to your adoring fan club. Like any product, however, designers have their own unique takes on how the scale can better kick you in the proverbial behind and get you to exercise.


This rendition simply titled Rug with Scale is a sleek, new look on the average bathroom scale. Instead of being an intimidating device that you can choose to shove into a cabinet and avoid for months at a time, this scale is built right into your bathroom rug. So everytime you go in for a shower, shave or some post-mealtime relief, the scale will be glaring at you reminding you of how you shouldn't have skipped your jog for that extra 20 minutes of sleep. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your disposition. 

In addition to providing your current weight, the scale also provides your past weight and weight goal to help keep you on track---or to make you really depressed if your current weight is actually heavier than your past.  The scale separates from the rug for cleaning, so it looks like you can still hide it in a dark corner of the closet if you don't want to look at it anymore. It also looks like a pretty cozy, fuzzy piece of rug to place your footsies on after a shower. 

The design is by Kwon Sunman.  

Via: Yanko