The Batmobile Inspired Tank: Even In War, Life Imitates Art

Yes, of course, inspirations can come from anywhere. But is BAE Systems taking cartoon-mimicry just a little too far with its Batman-inspired tank?

No, I'm not kidding.  BAE's Future Protected Vehicles project, led by Hisham Awad and his team, were inspired by the Batmobile for its design of the Raider, a concept vehicle for a future unmanned skirmisher.  The Batmobile in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, that is.


The Raider, BAE's prototype skirmisher, inspired by the Batmobile: © BAE SystemsThe Raider, BAE's prototype skirmisher, inspired by the Batmobile: © BAE Systems


Batmobile in Dark Knight: image via furiousfanboys.comBatmobile in Dark Knight: image via


Meeting with Stuart Nathan, features editor for the British publication The Engineer, Awad admitted raiding comic books and cartoon movies for ideas.  Car designs, these last few years, have obviously been inspired by animated box office hits (in my opinion to the detriment of car design).  But armored tanks?

Just goes to show you there's no limit on where one can can look for inspiration, especially when it comes to innovation.  In addition to biomimicry, at the forefront of defense inspirations, we can add the very fertile field of cartoon-mimicry to the mix of ideas for innovation and invention.


The Engineer via FoxNews



Dec 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Apps for

Add or modify weapons as needed IE
dual 50 cal heavy MG
grenade launcher
rocket pods
missile pods
Vulcan cannon
50 cal sniper rifle & 200 rds.
flame thrower.

& apps for:

Prison Security
Plant security
Target Drone?
Border Defense
Lay mines & sensors.
Mobile camera pod.
For US Defense.

Dec 28, 2010
by Anonymous

Inspired, but not a ripoff

In addition to only the one wheel in back, the Raider also puts a much larger portion of the front end between the two partially enclosed front wheels than does the "tumbler" Batmobile. The passenger compartment is also much flatter.


does it come in black?

Dec 29, 2010
by Anonymous


Batman rocks. I love everything about Batman :)

Soendoro Soetanto