The Batman Raincoat By Western Chief Kids Defends Against That Menacing Downpour

If you child loves to play super heroes, but often has his crime fighting efforts thwarted by bad weather, then this is the raincoat to look into.  The cape portion of the Batman raincoat can be removed, but really who would want to?  Although having the option allows for indoor heroic pursuits too.  Parents can rest assured that their little heroes are warm and dry in the waterproof outer jacket and moisture absorbent inner lining.

If Batman is not your child’s thing then this adorable line by Western Chief Kids has many other styles including a firefighter style (real super heroes), ladybugs, Hello Kitty, Thomas the Tank Engine and many more.  They also have matching rain boots for each of the styles.  The 100 percent waterproof boots have a non-slip sole and come with their own pull-up handles so they are easy for little heroes to slip into quickly as they take off on their next adventure.

(See  Batman Raincoat.)


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