BatteryBot Brings Life Back To Your Dead Phone

Mimoco's BatteryBot isn't the first backup battery charger to be released, but, it is the first one to bring style into the product field. With a cycle life of 500 full charges, the BatteryBot is no slouch in the technical department either. How does it stack up similar products, though?

Mimoco's BatteryBot: And this is how BatteryBots are made.Mimoco's BatteryBot: And this is how BatteryBots are made.

The current pricing point is set at approximately $80, which in this writer's opinion, is a little steep. Yes, you are getting a very practical product for charging all of your mobile devices, but when there are similar products out that are in the $40 range, spending double the amount seems a little excessive. Mimoco is hoping to win audiences with their licensed designs, however, and that is where the difference in price comes in.

BatteryBot LineupBatteryBot Lineup

With the BatteryBot, consumers are no longer limited to boring, black boxes for emergency battery juice. Currently at 10 completely custom designs, BatteryBot is looking to expand their product into licensed, iconic images, as well. If Mimoco's past products are any indicator of their ability to get permission to use licensed images, then consumers can expect to see BatteryBot's of pop icons such as Star Wars, Adventure Time, and Dr. Who.

The BatteryBot Kit: Bag and cables includedThe BatteryBot Kit: Bag and cables included

Is the BatteryBot worth the investment though? With a cycle life of 500 full charges, you are almost certain to be using the product past the first year of purchase, which is something you can't say for a lot of electronics any more. With the ability to charge everything from iPhones, to Android phones, to things like Nintendo DS's and GoPro cameras, BatteryBot really is an all-around emergency battery pack for tech-savvy consumers. Definitely more of a spluge item though, in this writer's opinion. Other, less expensive, battery packs can do everything the BatteryBot does, the BatteryBot just looks better doing it.

And just think how good it would look sitting on your desk at work.

Source: Mimoco

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