Battery-Free Wireless Mouse - Product Review

Wireless MouseWireless MouseHave you ever wanted a wireless mouse that didn't require batteries? Well, this mouse is the product you've been looking for all this time!

This lightweight mouse comes with a mouse pad that plugs into a USB slot on your computer. The mouse works as well with a desktop as it does with a stationary laptop. While this mouse isn't ideal for traveling, it is great to have at home to use with either your laptop on a desk or table, or with your standard desktop computer.

The mouse is just big enough to fit comfortably in your hand, but small enough to not be bulky. I have used it for several hours at a time, and never had an issue with hand cramps or being uncomfortable. If you play games on your computer, you will absolutely love this mouse for its responsiveness, accuracy, and the fact that it will never require new batteries. It's powered by the mouse pad, so you'll never have to change the batteries in your mouse!

The mouse itself is extremely accurate, and the sensitivity was pretty good right out of the box. This mouse required no software of any kind, and could be plugged in and used in just seconds. I think that the best feature of this mouse is that when you first start your computer or when the accuracy in the wireless mouse goes awry, all you have to do is center the mouse on the mousepad and press a "tune" button on the upper right part of the mousepad. Like magic, the mouse is as responsive and accurate as ever in just seconds. Gamers will also love this for its ability to reset the accuracy and responsiveness of the mouse during a game

I think that this mouse is a must buy because it is easy to set up and will never require a battery change. You could save hundreds of dollars per year just in battery costs! The ease of installation, use, and quality of this mouse makes it the best value mouse on the market. So what are you waiting for? You can purchase the battery free wireless mouse right now from the website found here.

Matt Wood
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Jul 13, 2007
by AmericanCynic

"hundreds of dollars per year"?

A cordless mouse would have to eat a battery a day to come out to hundreds of dollars per year. Most such mice go for weeks or months on one battery and others have rechargeable batteries with charging cradles. Besides, this is nothing new. Wacom graphics tablets have had battery-free cordless mice for many years. The only advantage this has over a Wacom Graphire4 tablet is that it's half the price. But the graphics tablet is far more capable, including a battery-free, pressure sensitive stylus that makes drawing and tracing much easier. Finally, it's disingenuous to call either this or the Wacom a cordless mouse. Yes, the mouse is cordless. The Wacom tablet or the included mousepad on this one is not.

Jul 13, 2007
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

Does this mouse must work on the pad

Isn't that kinda take away the freedom a wireless mouse should have?

I use my wireless mouse anywhere on my desk, sometime on a book. I don't feel I would like to dedicate some precious desk space to a mouse pad.