The Battle For Breakfast: Get A Death Star Waffle Maker

Popular culture is buzzing over the next Star Wars movie slated to come out next month. One great way to celebrate that galaxy far, far away is to get out the maple syrup and a fork and enjoy a waffle. In this case that would be a waffle made at home in your very own Death Star Waffle Maker! It is a comfort food way to embrace the Dark Side.

Death Star Waffle MakerDeath Star Waffle Maker

The world is once again going crazy for all things Star Wars. So it should come as no real surprise that ThinkGeek has created a new and very tasty version of the Death Star. If you don't know what the Death Star is then you have either been living under the proverbial rock or in a coma for the past 40 years.

Your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) can now bear the image of that weapon of mass planetary destruction. This unique waffle iron has cast aluminum, non-stick cooking plates with the same great design on each side. It makes one 7" Death Star at a time. Use your favorite waffle batter recipe and your preferred toppings. Death Star Waffle MakerDeath Star Waffle Maker

Even though this is a ThinkGeek exclusive product it is also an officially licensed bit of Star Wars merchandise. This makes it a great addition to your collection of geek ware -- and an awesome addition to your kitchen.


Jimmy Fallon mentioned the waffle maker in his monologue on the Tonight Show last week and warned everyone to be careful of over-cooking their waffles in this gadget. This is because if you do your waffles will go over to the Dark Side.

Fellow InventorSpot writer John P. Barker quipped "That's no moon. It's a crepe station." Of course that was when I told him that he was full of crepe. But I'm waffling here. I always do on important Star Wars issues.

Now all we need are tie-fighter shaped sausages and breakfast would really be completely awesome.

To order your own Death Star Waffle Maker from ThinkGeek, click here.