Battle Of The Best Blenders: Reviews and Recommendations

There comes a time in every man or woman's life when chopping vegetable after vegetable becomes unbearably monotonous. Enter, one of man's greatest kitchen inventions, and reliever of stress world-wide, the sacred blender. But which are good? Which are bad? Which are okay? Here are three blenders which caught the eye. Take a look and see if they catch yours.

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve

Best Blender candidate #1Best Blender candidate #1

The Ninja BL 660 is the ultimate in blending goodness. With this said however, priced at $139.99 it is certainly not the cheapest product on the market. It has 1000 watts of power and is dishwasher safe. With lower priced blenders often having trouble when it comes to blending ice, paying a bit for a Ninja could be just the thing, although this depends on your blending needs. Unless you like to blend up phones or run a professional kitchen, it may be worth looking elsewhere as there may be better value for money deals. To read reviews and buy this product click here.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Power Plus Blender

Best Blender contestant #2Best Blender contestant #2

Priced at a much more reasonable  $39.99, what this blender lacks in power when compared to the Ninja (700 watts Vs 1000 watts) it makes up in value for money. If you simply want a blender for general daily blending then this machine, with its 12 blending speeds and unique pouring lid, will certainly get the job done. Keen to feast your eyes on a demonstration? Who wouldn't be. With rave reviews and an affordable price tag, it may well be worth checking out the Hamilton Beach Wave Power Plus Blender.

Oyster 6 Cup 7 Speed Reversing Motor Blender

Best Blender candidate #3Best Blender candidate #3

With its praises being sung by many happy customers, and boasting a 5-star amazon rating, this blender seems to represent a nice mix between quality and affordability. Its one-touch operation system allows the user to select 'frozen drinks' or 'chopping food', with the blending process stopping automatically in accordance with the programme. Whilst the reversable motor rotates the blades backwards and forwards, food can also be added mid-blend through the feeder shoot. Although it does not boast the 12 blending speeds of the Power Plus Blender, is this really somethijng that matters all that much? I think not. Curious to know what all the hype is about? Read glowing reviews and purchase the Oyster 6 Cup 7 Speed Reversing Motor Blender here.

Battles of the Best Belenders - Results

We have taken a look at three excellent blenders. But to which can we give the prize of 'Best Blender'? Well in actual fact it all depends on your budget and your blending needs. You could purchase the best blender that money can buy, but the odds are that if you don't use ice in your smoothies you probably wouldn't notice the benefits. If we take into account value for money, as well as good old public opinion, the sensible choice seems to be the Oyster 6 Cup 7 Speed Reversing Motor Blender, although it would be interesting to test drive some of the pricier offerings.

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