Battle Jell-O

Ever looked at your bowl of Jell-O, sitting there jiggling and jostling, and thought "wouldn't it be cool if my Jell-O came to life and started fighting a grueling right on my kitchen table?" No? OK, probably not. But, JellyBattle (designed by Logitech) gives you the chance to take control of your jelly-made-man and battle other gelatinous enemies for confectionery domination.

The idea behind this online game is simple—destroy everyone else. By collecting icons that move down one square per jump (your mode of movement in the game) on your playing grid, you can collect weapons ranging from lasers to nukes that will help you to eliminate your other Jell-O foes. If you survive the three training rounds—which is fairly simple to do—you then create a user-name and begin battling other online gamers. The game seems easy in the beginning, but once you start using multiplayer the number of weapons increases exponentially, giving you more artillery at your disposal, but also making you that much more vulnerable to the other jellymen.






The game is a good form of promoting from Logitech, who offers you a 20% discount on products if you do well in the game, which is just an added incentive because the game is rather addicting. And when you start playing against real people online the competition factor is amped up that much more and gives the game a new level of interest.

I always love finding a new online game to bide my time. Hopefully this will inspire some readers to get out there and join me in the jelly war. Look for me: akav10. And good luck...

Seth Plattner
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Aug 17, 2007
by engineering (not verified)

discount tricks

Its really a nice tricks ....20% discount for good palyers...ver intelligent idea which will makes the game more attractive........however its also cool game.....