Bay Trail Quad & Dual Gigabit LAN: Gigabyte's J1900N-D3V Motherboard

It's relatively easy to be a data pack-rat these days. Individual hard drives go up to 6TB in size and tend to be both relatively cheap and readily available. Most will need a way to share all those files with multiple devices, though, so one idea is to use a NAS (network-attached storage) device.

Numerous pre-built NAS boxes exist, but it's always more fun to do it yourself. That's where Gigabyte's latest motherboard comes in. The J1900N-D3V looks to be a practical platform to which you can plug in your HDDs and go to town with the NAS operating system of your choice – though with some caveats.



Unlike most PC boards, the J1900N-D3V ships with a processor installed. The quad-core, up-to-2.42Ghz Celeron J1900 is fast enough to do the job, and it's cooled passively, unlike a certain Asus nettop with the same chip. Up to 8GB of memory is supported using a pair of laptop-style modules.



Unfortunately, the board is saddled with just two SATA ports, though Gigabyte were generous enough to hub four USB 3.0 ports on the back panel, besides two gigabit LAN jacks. One could plug a card with extra SATA into the PCI slot, but we'd rather have that onboard and keep the slot free.

Other ports include VGA and DVI video outputs, a trio of audio jacks, mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports, and two RS232 serial ports. Meanwhile, a half-length mini PCIe slot on the board surface seems ripe for a wireless card.



Apart from that, there's not much else to say about the J1900N-D3V. It uses standard ATX power connectors, so looking for a suitable PSU won't be too painful, and the tiny ITX form factor means it'll fit inside just about any ATX form-factor case, old or new.

If that case happens to cool badly, fan control on both fan headers should keep the system quiet with whatever fans you put in, and Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 4 umbrella branding signals high quality construction – the use of durable polymer capacitors and such.



Anyhow, a couple of online stores in Europe are listing the Gigabyte J1900N-D3V for pre-order at roughly $120 USD. We should see these things on North American store shelves in a month or so.