Be Thankful For These Five Turkey Day Fitness And Sports Products

Thanksgiving--that time of year when we give thanks for the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie with which we stuff our faces. It's a time for family and friends and celebrating all of the awesomeness in our lives. It's also a time for football and for contemplating how to counter the effects of an excess intake of calories. These five products honor this great American holiday and the sports and fitness fans who celebrate it.

Beistle Touchdown Turkey Hat

Touchdown Turkey HatTouchdown Turkey Hat

I imagine you've seen these hats, or hats like them. They're one part ridiculous, one part tacky, one celebratory and a lot of fun. The Beistle Touchdown Turkey Hat is the perfect product for the fun-loving football fan. After that big, filling Thanksgiving meal, you can wind down on the couch in front of the television and enjoy that great American pasttime, football. 

At about $20, this hat is a great, affordable novelty gift for football fans. It is made of a comfy, soft fabric, and one size fits all. You can get your own on Amazon

HUMAN Fitness Turkey Shirt

Turkey Fitness ShirtTurkey Fitness Shirt

Fitness--definitely not something you're thinking about when you're piling the stuffing and cranberry sauce onto your plate. Maybe it's something you think about after you've eaten your body weight in turkey and begin to feel your waist growing while you're watching football. The HUMAN Fitness Turkey shirt celebrates the excess food and lack of working out associated with the holidays. 

"Fitness? More like fitness whole turkey in my mouth." Who wouldn't pay $30 to show up to their family Thanksgiving dinner with that on a shirt (I mean maybe I wouldn't, but the shirt is funny nonetheless). If this is up your alley, check out Amazon and order your own. 

Pre-Thanksgiving Workout Mix

Pre-Thanksgiving Workout MixPre-Thanksgiving Workout Mix

We all know that the holidays are a time for family, friends, good times and a lot of food. Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates food. The first Thanksgiving was all about rejoicing over a successful harvest. Therefore, we stuff our stomachs to the point of physical exhaustion,  and we put on those pesky holiday pounds. The Pre-Thanksgiving Workout Mix will encourage you to get in a calorie burning workout before you consume a lot of calories. 

Now, I like making my own workout mixes, but if you want a quick boost without putting in effort looking up songs then check out Amazon and download this playlist. The playlist is $8 and there are 14 songs on it, including classics like "Sugar Sugar" and "Dream Lover."

Injinji Turkey Running Socks

Turkey Crew SocksTurkey Crew Socks

Runners, do you like toe socks? Do you like Thanksgiving? If so, get in your post-Thanksgiving-gorge run with the Injinji Turkey Running Socks. These socks are made of 55% polyester, 40% nylon and 5% lycra and come in a couple of different designs (including designs and colors that don't incorporate turkeys). They are also designed to prevent blisters and manage moisture (a.k.a. sweaty feet). 

These socks vary in price from $9-$30, depending on the design, and you can check out Amazon to have a look at the various designs (the turkey designs are the best, obviously) and to order your own pair. 

Inktastic Football Turkey Tee

Football Turkey TeeFootball Turkey Tee

Thanksgiving is a football day. On a traditional American holiday, we Americans like to enjoy our traditional American sports, and so we plop down in front of the television and watch football after filling up on turkey. The Inktastic Turkey Football Tee celebrates both Turkey Day and the football we watch on Turkey Day. 

Made of 100% cotton, it is available in a number of different colors. Depending on the size you order, you'll pay anywhere from $14-$23, and you can pick up your own on Amazon

However you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday (whether you have dinner with family, drink with friends or go to a bar and watch football on your own), you can amp up your celebratory skills with these five products. Happy Thanksgiving. 

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