Be Careful What You Say. This USB Drive May Be Listening...

I've often commented on how some current surveillance technology scares me.  This little whopper is no exception.

Just speak into the little hole...Just speak into the little hole...

What you've got here is your standard USB flash drive - with a microphone.  It operates as a normal flash drive would, but it also stores between 40 to 160 hours of audio (depending on if you purchase the standard 2GB model or the upgraded 8GB version).

The tiny single on/off switch makes it possible to activate the recorder without even looking at it - and right in front of your intended target.

With no software to install and no cables or batteries needed, using this thing can't get any easier.  The internal power supply lasts up to 4 hours.

My paranoia grows each time I encounter spy gadgets like this.  But even I gotta admit - it's pretty cool.

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Dec 3, 2009
by Anonymous


I need to watch what I say around college. haha. I'm TOTALLY getting me one of these! Thanks for sharing man!