Be the Firestarter With a Platonic Fireplace


Fire has long been domesticated in some form or another, used by our ancient ancestors as a crucial means to cook and stay warm during the coldest seasons. Today in our polite societies, most of us have moved beyond the basic need to cultivate an indoor blaze; yet and still that raging hearth satisfies some primordial desire for the connection to the natural world.

(I'm the) Firestrata(I'm the) Firestrata

Wings of FlameWings of Flame

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Spearheading UK-based Platonic Fireplaces way back in 1984, Henry Harrison is a minimalist designer whose vision of the contemporary fireplace has led him into strange and wonderful territory over the years. With a track record that includes such innovations as the hole-in-the-wall style fireplace, shelf fires and several other unique designs, Harrison and his cohorts tame this element while allowing it to take center stage in a most harmonious way. Utilizing organic elements and straightforward design, Platonic fireplaces have merged the ancient with the contemporary, creating a synergy that is visually compelling while also practical.


As a stylish alternative to a gas fireplace, Platonic offers a selection of "Green Electric" models that utilize state-of-the-art LED technology and flame effect techniques, resulting in a super-chic and modern feel.

So, if you're in the market, set your sights on a slow burn and let these gorgeous pieces warm your interiors for the rest of the season.

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