Be A Football Hero: A Commentated Game Makes You Feel Like A Pro

We've all listened to sports announcers and thought "wouldn't it be cool if he were saying my name Be A Football HeroBe A Football Heroas I kick butt at a sport I probably don't play in reality?". Well, short of becoming a professional sports player, that hasn't really been possible until now.

Be a Football Hero (soccer, for those on American turf) allows players to live out their dreams, and hear their names announced as they defeat the competition in a championship soccer game like World Cup, Champions League, FA Cup or Premiership title game. To make it seem a little bit more like their dream, sports fans can login, choose the team they want to beat, and add their name, age, and their own favorite team. Commentary of the game highlights are done by British commentators John Motson, Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson in pre-recorded voiceovers.

The custom-commentated soccer games can be purchased for 14.95 GBP, but you do have the option to listen to it on the website if you're just a gawker and have no interest in making an actual purchase!

Via: Springwise