Beacon LED Yoga Mat Will Teach You Proper Poses


Want to take up yoga? You could, of course, hire a personal trainer or take a class or two. You could even try to learn via instructional book or DVD. You could also check out this new concept from Molly Duffy--Beacon, an LED Yoga Mat that can teach you yoga.

Beacon Smart MatBeacon Smart Mat

Beacon communicates via Bluetooth with your smart phone or device to guide you through different yoga poses. It is equipped with LED pressure sensors that detect where you put your feet, hands and body and how you've distributed your weight. When you apply too much pressure in any location (when you're not properly balanced), Beacon will light up red. When you're properly balanced, Beacon's lights will be green. 

Beacon LED Yoga MatBeacon LED Yoga Mat

Beacon is made of PVC foam and plastic, and it has a rechargeable battery. Its app will not only guide you through yoga poses and assist you in perfecting those poses, it will allow you to track your progress and store data. 

Currently, Beacon is in the developmental stage. You can find more information on the mat and technology on Molly Duffy's Quirky page