Beagle Street Insurance: Using Art To Make Policies Fun

There's one big challenge when it comes to the creation of innovative businesses - there's only so much room to manipulate the business structure of more common concepts. These necessary businesses offer key services that we rely upon to go about our lives, and while they may be a dime a dozen to meet the demand, there is room for a little creativity.

One business that has taken a common concept outside of the box is an insurance company called Beagle Street. The name might lead you to assume that this is a pet related business, but in reality it's just your run-of-the-mill life insurance company - with a twist. 

Art by "Rude"Art by "Rude"

Let's be honest. We all know that we need insurance. We know some, or all, of our policy details, and pay particular attention to the coverage amount and the required monthly payments to cover the premiums. Once an agent has gone over these details, the paperwork typically gets tucked away by the policy holder until there's a good reason to review it. By the time many people are ready to pull it out, they find it has been shuffled in with other documents, making it hard to find.

Art by "Supermundane"Art by "Supermundane"

Like the paragraph that precedes this one, insurance documents are just boring. But the thing is, they really don't have to be. At least, that's what Beagle Street has decided, giving them an edge over their competitors as they reinvent the standard for insurance businesses. 

Art by Rose BlakeArt by Rose Blake

Beagle Street prints all insurance documents on inspirational prints; art that has been commissioned exclusively for their use. This way, insurance documents become more than the things you tuck away in a drawer never to be seen again. They're pieces of art that you can enjoy for years to come, and displaying the piece you receive in your home means that you never lose your policy information.

This might seem like a simple gimmick, but in an industry that has always been regulated and structured, a concept like this turns everything on its head.