Bear Grylls On Your Back: Knives And Survival Gear

Depending on who you ask, Bear Grylls is either a complete sensationalistic phony or a smart, savvy, entertaining survival guru. This is a debate that's likely to wage on as long as Grylls stays in the spotlight.

Knifemaker Gerber has staked its claim in the debate, and has its money on the latter. Earlier this year, the manufacturer teamed with Grylls in offering a survival knife. And now the two parties are preparing to launch an entire line of knives and survival gear

The line is set to include the huge, intimidating Parang, a series of folding knives, a full survival kit, a multi-tool and a firestarter. Pretty soon all the 10 essentials will have Bear Grylls' initials on them. 

I suspect that the reviews of this gear will be as hot and cold as the reviews of Man vs. Wild. There may be a few level-headed folks that will be able to look past their opinion of Grylls himself and offer unbiased reviews, but I have a feeling that many more will either condemn the gear based on their disdain for Grylls or praise it based on their fanhood. 

In other words, you might want to make up your own mind when the gear hits the market this February. There's no word on pricing just yet--outside of the original Bear Grylls knife which runs around $60--but I suspect I'll get more details at the Outdoor Retailer expo next month.  (Update: The Bear Gryliis line of knives and survival gear is now available in the market. You can see them here on Amazon.)

Via Gear Junkie 

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