Beard Head Knit Cap – Washable Whiskers For Ski, Snow & Show

She's got legs, and you've been uptown & downtown lookin' for some tush, but something's missing... your beard! Wearable facial hair is in, dontcha know, and those who want to face winter's fury by going furry have got a few options besides going Conan.


The “Beardski” has been getting most of the media attention but honestly, how do you think that scraggly thang's gonna look after a few trips through the wash & dry cycle? Fu-Bi has another idea: the Beard Head Knit Cap.

Ideal for skiing and snowboarding, the Beard Head Knit Cap provides winter weather protection from the top of the head to the base of the neck, negating the need for a separate scarf that could get caught in ski lift equipment or a passing skier... yikes!

Made from a 30% wool + 70% acrylic blend, this comical yet practical article is as washable as most any other similarly composed and constructed piece of clothing. It's even adaptable to outdoor weather conditions, thanks to an ingenious button-on mustache that completes the look while conserving warmth.

Also, while the Beardski is a beard and ONLY a beard, the Beard Head Knit Cap is... a beard AND a cap AND a mustache. That's three kinds of awesome right there. Check out this video of the Beard Head in action, tested on the ski slopes and - for a split second - worn by an actual woman! 

The Beard Head Knit Cap comes in 5 different solid colors (black, brown, gray, blonde and pink - yes, pink) plus 2 combinations that feature either a red or purple cap portion paired with a blonde beard & mustache. One size fits all, and they're unisex - c'mon ladies, there's a Beard Head waiting for you! Hmm, that sounds creepier than I had intended. 

Both solid colors and combos go for 3,780 yen (about $44) each, tax included. You can order them online direct from the Fu-Bi website. (via Gigazine)

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Dec 12, 2010
by Amanda Hinski
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I knit and would LOVE to make one of these!  Do you know where I can get a knitting pattern to make one??

Dec 12, 2010
by Steve Levenstein
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It's doubtful the Beard

It's doubtful the Beard Head's manufacturers would provide pattern info on their product but I'm guessing members of specialty craft sites like Etsy would have posted their own variations on the Beard Head theme. Best of luck!