Beat Summer Heat With 'Misty Shower', A Portable Shower In A Bottle

"It's not the heat, it's the humidity!"... and nowhere more so than in Japan once the annual rainy season ends and yet another scorching hot summer begins.

It's no wonder a host of bizarre personal cooling devices have hit store shelves (and "Wacky Japan" blogs) over the years. From air-conditioned dress shirts to AC neckties that incorporate tiny battery-powered fans, the craving for coolness often supersedes rhyme, reason or practicality.


The latest in this long line of personal coolers is the Misty Shower from Sirobako, a portable water mister designed to keep active folks cool when they're out & about. Available in regular and EX versions, Misty Shower takes the theory behind traditional water misting and makes a number of improvements.

Check out this video in which a typically overexcited pitch-gal extolls the virtues of Misty Shower... saying the product name with extreme echo effects if you please: 

The theory of water misting is that once sprayed, the tiny water droplets will quickly evaporate from your skin. This cools you because (A) physics says that breaking a liquid into many tiny droplets cools it down, and (B) physics also says that said tiny droplets lose even more heat through the process of evaporation. See, physics can be cool... and now, so can you.

Misty Shower uses these laws of physic to its (and your) advantage. The misting mechanism breaks down water into tinier droplets than any standard mister can, helping the water supply in the bottle last longer. Said tinier droplets also evaporate more quickly, thus cooling you down even faster.

Misty Shower is eco-friendly: it uses no batteries or outside electric power. Simply pump it up like those soda-bottle water rockets from your childhood. One assumes the Misty Shower won't fly off as you use it... good luck with that.

Once you push the button, Misty Shower sprays a continuous super-fine water mist until the air pressure fades to normal. At that point, as Elvis Costello once sang, "Pump it up, until you can feel it!"

Misty Shower comes in your choice of 6 different colors (black, lavender, blue, green, yellow and pink) and costs 1,580 yen (around $18.00) each. The Misty Shower EX comes only in blue and costs a bit more: 2,480 yen (around $28.00) and to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why. Let's just say it's a... mist-ery. (via Impress Watch)

Jul 25, 2010
by Anonymous

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