Off The Beaten Lighting Path: The Needle Lamp

Most modern desk lamps, even those employing the newest lighting technologies, look pretty much alike - the way we expect them to look these days.  But the Needle Lamp - bright, shiny, iconic and minimalist - adds some pizazz to the formulaic desk lighting design, and it becomes a lamp that can easily be the center of attention (even if it's in a corner of your desk).


The Needle Lamp: © Vitamin, a life less ordinaryThe Needle Lamp: © Vitamin, a life less ordinary


The Needle Lamp is actually called the Needle "Table" Lamp by its creator, Vitamin, a British design house that makes "a life less ordinary." The lamp is a nice size - 17" by 22" by 4", more or less - and uses high-powered LEDs that give off "an impressive glow."  The needles are aluminum (just like grandma's) and are adjustable so you can play around with where you want the light to shine.  The base of the lamp is stainless steel

The centerpiece of the lamp, of course, is the ball of woo... No, not wool, but wire, brightly colored cable wire.  To add even more delight to the lamp's design of a ball of yarn with two knitting needles lodged in it, the last foot or so of the "yarn" loosely drops down the table or desk towards the floor.  The cable comes in bright blue, as shown, orange, green, and red.

I don't think you will mind seeing this lamp again, because this image has all the details of the Needle Lamp debut, in case you can make it there....


The Needle Lamp at 100% DesignThe Needle Lamp at 100% Design