Beautiful Girl Clock Ensures You Wont 'Miss' a Minute

Bijin Tokei means Beautiful Girl in Japanese, and this downloadable desktop widget from Phiria Design gives you bijins a-plenty - a new pic every minute, as it happens. Watching the clock was never so much fun!

The concept behind Bijin Tokei isn't all that new. Pinup calendars go back decades and Ring Girls who hold up signs to announce rounds at boxing matches are a familiar sight. Japan's Phiria Design has seen fit to take things to the next level, however. Download the Bijin Tokei desktop widget from Phiria's website and you have, basically, a minute by minute ring girl pinup calendar constantly updating on your desktop. How, er, hot is that?

Phiria obviously didn't expend oodles of cash on the project - a camera and a small blackboard are about it when it comes to hardware. One imagines a crew roaming Tokyo's streets, looking for photogenic cuties, and asking them to hold up said blackboard.

Since every day features the same times and same girls, they only had to take 1,440 photos. That's enough to keep the faces fresh, unless you're the type who's going to stare obsessively at the rate of one Miss per minute... and really, who would do that?


The Bijin Tokei site offers both Japanese and English screens, which makes it easier to check out the vital stats included as a courtesy. Learn each Minute Miss's home town, birthday, fave website, blood type (important in Japan) and in some cases "3 sizes" (bust-waist-hips). Let's see your boring old PC desktop clock do that!


On the other hand, it remains to be seen if Phiria will update their photo database seasonally. It's always nice to see beautiful girls but some may be disappointed to see them decked out for winter in heavy sweaters, coats & scarfs.

Lastly, there doesn't seem to be a "Handsome Guy" version of the clock widget... at least not yet. Keep your hopes up, ladies, and as this is a Japanese innovation I would expect a "Lovely Cat" variation any time now. Over to you, Phiria. (via Asiajin)

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


omg this is THE greatest idea EVER!!!!! they need to make one of these for every season! i would even PAY for it! and it dosent just have to be hotties. they could do a costume one for halloween and that kind of stuff! maybe do a subscription type of thing if they updated the pix that often!