Beautiful People Dating and Networking Site: Controversy Can Be Successful

Beautiful People , a social networking and dating site, which only welcomes exclusively attractive members, proves that even a controversial business idea can be a successful and highly profitable one.

The company name may ring a bell, Beautiful People has had extensive media coverage, because news outlets, magazines (and of course, people like me) just can't resist voicing their opinions and stirring the pot in hopes that a public debate will be the outcome. While Beautiful People may be receiving press that leans in the negative direction, their name and concept is now in the public eye. It may be a reverse marketing strategy, but it seems to be effective in attracting the vain and superficial clientele they seek.

Their mission, which they are not shy about voicing, is to provide a networking site where members are not forced to scan through the profiles of unattractive people as their competitors oblige individuals to do. So what's the protocol to ensure only the bold and beautiful join Beautiful People? Anyone who wishes to enter their ranks can setup their profile, complete with their most alluring photo where existing members can approve or reject them within a 72 hour review period. Apparently members are supposed to consider applications based on both their photograph and their profile text...but I think we all know better. Now, the good news is even if the public doesn't think you're beautiful the first time around, you are allowed a second take (with an updated profile of course). However, if you don't get through, be prepared to take a good hit to your self esteem. With a name like Beautiful People, can you expect anything less?

If it's not enough the Beautiful People's discriminatory empire has expanded from the UK to 10 additional countries worldwide, they have even launched their own reality TV series. Broadcasted by Toronto, Canada's Slice Network, the series follows the two male Directors as they prepare for events, greet their adoring public and generally manage their business.

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While, I think it's clear that this is not a business that I personally favor and I don't make it a habit to cover organizations that are already publicly known, I do have a point. Even the most controversial of business ideas can be developed into profitable empires. So, keep that in mind entrepreneurs!

Whatever your business plan, don't let the criticisms of others stop you. Take a page from Beautiful People's book, just don't try to step on too many toes during your ascent to entrepreneurial success.

Nov 5, 2008
by Anonymous


It's probably rare that a "beautiful" person will choose an "ugly" person to be with. The "beautiful" people deserve eachother mostly.

Nov 6, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 I will agree that more

 I will agree that more often than not, couples are fairly well matched in physical appearance. The site doesn't take into account that everyone has different conceptions about who they find attractive per say, since it does work based on average votes from the members. 

Thanks a lot for your comment! 

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer

Nov 6, 2008
by Anonymous

Ohhh, the creme de la creme

Ohhh, the creme de la creme of misplaced arrogance...