Beautifully Recycled Ice-Breaking Bowls For The Holiday Tension

During the holidays a beautiful bowl filled with delicious snacks or treats can make all the difference in the tension of a room. The attractive bowl can be an icebreaker or just a place where everyone gathers around to comfort themselves by stuffing their faces with food. Below is a short list of unique beautiful ice-breaking bowls made of recycled material.

1. Recycled Glass Sunflower Bowl
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This very elegant purple bowl is made from recycled glass. It is 11.5" Diameter - 11.5". I can see this bowl covered in delicate baked treats, or chocolate covered fall fruit. Well, to be honest, I actually see myself looking at the crumbs on the bowl and wishing I hadn't eaten all the treats in the bowl.

2. Recycled Material Decorated with Sunflowers Bowl
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This is a one-of-a-kind bowl made by Jennifer Lowe. It is made entirely of recycled material. It is decorated with over 100 individually chosen bright sunflowers and contains citrine colored crystals. Personally, I love sunflowers, especially the large tall sunflowers.

3. Recycled Aluminum Splash Bowl

This bowl is one of those bowls that is so unique in form I can't decide if I like it or not. However, I do like the way it was made, "This artist-made bowl is created using a sand-cast method: melted, recycled aluminum is splashed into the mold, layer upon layer. The effect is one of dripping lava frozen in time." (Grasshopper)

When I look at this bowl I think of the Jasmine near my front porch. It is all twisting and tangled into one beautiful mess. This beautiful mess is made of recycled wire with a gold finish.

5. Recycled Copper Made Red Bowls

It is the color of this bowl that caught my eye. It is perfect for the autumn months. The bowl is made of recycled copper and the red hue comes from the treatment "with boric acid, heated to red hot, and quenched in water. High-quality lacquer is then applied to finish the piece and preserve the color." The apples inside the bowl in the pictures are a nice touch. That is exactly what I would put in this bowl.

Let your bowl be an icebreaker.