BeautifulPeople's Social Network Wants To Build A New Master Race

Back in the last century, leading up to and during World War II there was a movement afoot to build a Master Race. It was led by a maniacal leader that convinced an entire Aryan society that they were genetically superior to other races. Today, almost 80 years later a similar mentality exists where a social network's goal is to create more genetically-conceived "beautiful" people.

While 'cacophobia' or the fear of ugliness is not rooted in the same type of hate attached to anti-semitism, it's definitely an 'unattractive' human trait adhered to ironically by folks that see themselves as "attractive." In early 2009,, a dating Web site that prides itself on only letting in the beautiful people, received some major push-back from the press when they rejected 5,000 people from joining their social network ranks, because they were considered "Fatties."

Robert HintzeRobert HintzeBack then, founder Robert Hintze said, “Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which  was founded."

Now in an unprecedented follow-up move, BeautifulPeople is offering a sperm bank where men and women can up the ante and increase the odds of producing a 'beautiful' child offspring by securing genetic material from the 'beautiful people' that are members.

In a Mashable report, according to managing director Greg Hodge, “There are no financial benefits for us in doing so — we are simply responding to a demand for attractive donors. Every parent would like their child to be blessed with many fine attributes, attractiveness being one of the most sought after. For a site with members who resemble Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie you can imagine the demand.”

To add insult to injury, Hodge indicates he will not discriminate against "ugly" people. Probably based on the site's previous negative press, he noted that while initially the service was to be limited to hotties and hotties alone, he was now inclined to cast a wider net.  “Everyone — including ugly people — would like to bring good looking children in to the world, and we can’t be selfish with our attractive gene pool.” What a magnanimous gesture from a man that most likely otherwise would not give an 'ugly' person the time of day?

According to their press release, the virtual sperm bank is a forum where members register and state their procreation interests. With over 600,000 members on the site, representing 190 countries, it appears that only a small percentage of the world actually make up the 'beautiful person' demographic.

The obvious questions that come into play is who sets the subjective standards of beauty? Are there any filters for other qualities beyond physical beauty? For instance, are any beautiful people disqualified for lack of education, criminal records, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

As with the previous Master Race mentality of the last century who chose to preserve the purity of one race while eliminating what they classifed as "defective" citizens of another - this social network is setting a precedent that is a very slippery slope. When people vie for external versus internal beauty exclusively - the genes you end up are not not necessarily guaranteeing bringing beauty into the world - in fact - in many instances what you'll end up with is a lot more people that have their priorities out of whack!