Beautify Your Interiors With Deadly Bacteria: Bev Hisey's 8 Dirty Dishes

Bev Hisey, Toronto textile artist, has created quite an interesting group of carpets for home interiors... Dirty Dishes.  Not your left over chicken bones, broccoli spears, or potato skins; no, we don't want to see that...  Hisey's Dirty Dishes are hand-knotted, all-wool representations of magnified deadly bacteria and viruses on petri dishes.  Did you ever think you'd see an e coli rug? 


1.  E Coli Bacteria Dirty Dish Carpet

Well, this is it!  E coli, those lovely little guys that made you lose everything you ever ingested into your body... Could have killed you, the devils.  But close up, in-person, they're not so bad... kind of pretty, really.  It looks a whole lot better than what leaves our bodies when we swallow this bacteria.





2. HIV Virus Dirty Dish Carpet

This version of the HIV virus is seriously blown up, so that the viruses actually look pretty.  Too bad, there is nothing pretty about the disease.




3.  Cholera Bacteria Dirty Dish Carpet

If while visiting your home, someone asked you what is represented in this design, would you be able to keep a straight face as you answered, "Cholera?"  




4.  SARS Virus Dirty Dish Carpet

Fortunately, illness from SARS has receded considerably in the last five years, but the Sars Dirty Dish Carpet would go perfectly with a pale green chair I have in our family room.  




5.  Streptococcus Bacteria Dirty Dish Carpet

Strep throat somehow doesn't have this appeal.  A great accent rug, don't you think?




6.  Influenza Virus Dirty Dish Carpet

There's no indication of which influenza virus this is, but it sure makes for a unique rug pattern. 





7.  Acinobacter Bacteria Dirty Dish Rug

Grey tones suit the ovular patterns of the Acinobacter, otherwise known as the infection you take home with you from the hospital.



8.  Anthrax Bacteria Dirty Dish Carpet

 You can look, but don't inhale.

     Each rug in the Hisey's Dirty Dish Series is 40 inches in diameter, perfect for a wall-hanging, as well as a chair cozy.  They are on display and available from MADE Design, a Toronto-based retailer of fine modern design, craft, and art created by Canadians.  If I could, I would buy the entire Dirty Dish Series and place them in a (theoretical) bacterial pattern on a spacious wood floor....