10 Beauty Inventions That Need To Exist Now

There are tons of gizmos and gadgets to help us in our beauty routines. We can spend days in the makeup isle, there are hundreds of skin-soothing lotions out there. Yet, there are a few key beauty inventions that still don't exist, and we need them! Hopefully, if we cross our fingers and put our birthday wishes to good use, these ten beauty inventions will be available one day.

1. Skin-Resistant Nail Polish

It doesn't matter how beautiful your nail polish is, when it gets all over your cuticle your lovely manicure turns into a hot mess. We would love to buy a nail polish that doesn't stick to skin. Maybe it beads up. Maybe it slides off. Who knows, but we know we need it now. The beauty industry has pumped out glow in the dark polish and nail polish that smells like a bed of roses, but no skin-resistant colors. Sad day.

Polish-Free Cuticles: From Overpolished.comPolish-Free Cuticles: From Overpolished.com

2. Mulan Makeup Remover

Every woman knows the pain of scrubbing off makeup with just soap and water. We love makeup remover because it helps a lot, but I still find that some of my mascara or eyeliner can get left behind. I don't know what kind of makeup remover Mulan used to take off her white powder and lipstick, but I want it. I think we can all agree that we would love a makeup remover that took everything off in one swipe. Jump to 1:35 to see what I mean.

3. Kiss-Proof Lipstick

Why has no one perfected a kiss-proof formula?! Long lasting, sure, but have the makers of so called long lasting lipstick brushed that color up against the rugged stubble of a lumberjack? I think not. Lipstick is meant to attract the opposite sex, but it is a shame that once they are attracted, we can't do much without smudging our lovely lips off.

Kiss-Proof Lipstick: Stay on our lips during kisses!Kiss-Proof Lipstick: Stay on our lips during kisses!

4. Hair Growth Eyebrow Pencil

There was a time when thin eyebrows were in style; however, those days are gone and fuller brows are back in. Some of us may have overplucked our brows, though, and that hair doesn't grow back. You can transplant eyebrow hair, and there are growth serums out there, but an eyebrow pencil that stimulates hair growth is what we really need.

5.   Perfume Scented Laundry Detergent

Everyone feels more glamorous when wearing perfume, but I find mine wears off rather quickly, even my high-end perfume. If I spritz it all over my clothes, though, I catch little sniffs of it throughout the day, and that makes me happy. However, I run through perfume quickly. If our favorite perfume companies paired up with detergent companies, our clothes could slightly smell like our favorite scents and we wouldn't have to waste a lot of our body sprays. 

6. Hair Removal Lotion

I know what you're thinking....this already exists. No! Hair removal lotions have not been perfected. I used Nair a few times, and you know what happened? Nothing! My legs remained hairy. Women know how annoying shaving is, and we also know how painful waxing is. We all dream of the day when we can swipe a lotion on and poof! hair disappears. A lotion like that would be great for manscaping too, gentlemen. 

7. Technological Manicures

This one is movie-inspired, but hopefully it will still be a reality one day. In "Total Recall," you could change the color of your nail polish with the click of a stylus. WHY IS THAT NOT A THING! Most women like to change up their look weekly, and sometimes even daily. Go from a day to night look just by swapping nail colors.

8. Eye Shadow Goggles

Since I've got you thinking about movies, let's talk about "Fifth Element" for a minute. Remember those goggles Leelo messed around with. One second, no eye makeup. Suddenly, after peering it, she had beautiful shadow, liner and mascara. This would make every woman's morning routine a dream come true. I'm really hoping this item shows up on Amazon soon. 


9. Mood Ring Lipstick

I'm a child of the 90s, so mood rings will always be cool. How fun would lipstick be if it changed color depending on your mood? A pretty pink when everything is going well, a shimmery neutral when there's not much to do, and a burgundy to let everyone know they should stay out of your way. Yes, mood ring lipstick needs to be trending asap.

10. Chocolate That Burns Calories

This isn't 100% beauty-related, but I know we all wish this existed. The more you eat, the more you burn! That's a weight-loss plan I could get on board with.

Hopefully, one day these ten beauty inventions will exist, and our beauty routines can get a little easier. In the meantime, we will just have to power through and feel gorgeous without any of these products.

If any of these products do actually exist, please let us know in the comments!

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