The Beauty Spoon Helps You Get More Beautiful Bang For Your Buck

I know I'm not the only one who gets frustrated at the little bit of serum left in my beauty bottles. The pump doesn't quite reach it, and fingers aren't long enough to touch the bottom. We've all been there, sad to toss away enough product to last a few more days. The Beauty Spoon promises to save the serum, in turn saving you some money.

The Beauty Spoon: A Lotion SaverThe Beauty Spoon: A Lotion Saver If anyone knows something about beauty products, it's models. Former model, Claudia Hoexter invented the Beauty Spoon when she was fed up with throwing away teaspoons of her expensive creams and lotions. If there's one area women like to invest money, it's the beauty products. It doesn't take much to blow 150 dollars on Clinique. If that describes you, you'll want to pick up a Beauty Spoon.

The Beauty Spoon comes in two sizes. The small one is ideal for little bottles like anti-aging creams and wrinkle serums. The large spatula works well for large bottles of lotion. There's a zigzag in the stem near the spatula that flexes so you can scoop up every drop. The spatula is curved, acting like a little cup to hold the product. There's no reason to throw out that little bit of product now, unless you like burning through cash.

The Beauty Spoon: Courtesy of MakeupWishesThe Beauty Spoon: Courtesy of MakeupWishes

If you're sick of throwing out perfectly good lotion simply because you can't reach it, problem solved. Hoexter's goal was to get the Beauty Spoon into Walmart, and she did just that. You can also find them online. You can also purchase Beauty Bowls to store the remnants of your lotion once it's out of the bottle. (Right now they are free if your order on the Beauty Spoons website).

The Beauty Spoon is a neat little invention to keep you looking your best!

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