Beauty In Business: Cosmetic Expiration Reminder Stickers From Beauty Alert

It's a requirement that expiration dates be posted on all perishable products, but there are some items that are lacking these labels even though there's a good chance that they will go bad on the shelf or once they make it home with you.

Beauty AlertBeauty Alert

Beauty Alert has plans to change all of that, with their line of expiration date stickers for cosmetics and beauty products. Most of the stickers are geared towards reminding consumers who have already opened the products when they're set to expire following their date of first use. They come already customized to 3, 6 or 12 months and the date that the product was first opened can also be recorded so they can be discarded and replaced before they go bad!

Cosmetic Expiry StickersCosmetic Expiry Stickers

Simple concept, sure to be successful. Sometimes genius is found in the most simple businesses.

Via: BellaSugar