Beauty Enhancing Chocolates Offer Vitamins, Collagen And Great Taste

Tasty sweets and a beauty boost? It sounds like the impossible dream but Japan's Tirol confectionery company says don't just dream it, BE it! Tirol, famous for their bite-size chocolate squares, has tailored two new tastes for their "Skin" brand of sweets for women.

Let's begin with Vitamin C, 200mg of the potent anti-oxidant to be exact, included in a layer of white chocolate sandwiched between two layers of lemon-flavored, pale yellow chocolate. Yummy or what?

Then there's Collagen, 100mg, blended into a small square of peach-flavored chocolate. Can eating collagen improve one's skin tone as much as injecting it directly? Who knows? At least it tastes good (or so we assume).

Each bag of Tirol "Skin" costs 180 yen (about $2.10) and contains five Lemon Vitamin C chocolates and four Peach Collagen chocolates. Get 'em while they're hot... or while YOU'RE hot, as the case may be. (via Walker Plus and iVoCE)