The Bebe Bottle Sling Gives Parents A Free Hand

Here is a handy little parenting gadget that is sure to give moms and dads a bit of a break when they need it.  The Bebe Bottle Sling is a baby bottle holder that attaches to the handle of any infant car seat.  The sling reportedly holds the bottle at the proper angle for feeding and makes it easy for the baby to get the bottle nipple back in his/her mouth when it falls out.

The sling is made to work with all infant car seats and all types of bottles.  It comes in a range of colors, each with a cute animal character that will help entertain the baby during feeding.  The makers also claim that using the device helps the baby learn to hold his/her own bottle.  When not in use, the sling folds down flat and compact so that it can be tucked into a pocket of a diaper bag or a purse.

For anyone who is worried that this product is intended to replace a parent’s care, the company explains that the sling is made for those times when you need your hands free to do something else.  It is not meant for use in the car, as the bottle could injure the baby in the event of an accident.

This sounds like a product that could help quite a few frazzled new parents, especially those with multiples. (Buy here)


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