Because Your Car Is Your Favorite Child, There's Carloft®

"My car is my favorite child," goes the German saying, so you will understand why the German visionary architectural firm, Langhof, incorporated the first Carloft® in its design of Berlin's new Paul- Lincke-Hofe apartment building. Yes, CarLoft makes Mercedes transport so much easier, right into your living room, in fact.

Why should car-loving city-dwellers park their Rolls Royces in damp, dirty, underground garages or on crime-infested streets, when their favorite children can be home in their living rooms, where favorite children belong?

Aside from some interior design challenges you might face, like suppose your chair and sofa coverings don't match the leather upholstery in the Ferrari, the CarLoft (Paul-Lincke-Hofe's trademarked name for a car patio) is a pretty practical addition to the modern apartment. And if you can afford to spend a minimum of $1 million on an apartment, I would go for the CarLoft, especially if you won't need to upgrade your car.

A heavy-duty car lift transports your car from the ground floor of your apartment building to your CarLoft, just outside your living room glass doors. From there, of course, you enter your home. Safety then, not just for your car, but for you and your other children, is the best advantage of the CarLoft. And, the Carloft couldn't be more convenient. You can schedule times for the car lift to pick you up at your CarLoft any time of day or night!




The other advantages are obvious for any car lover. The CarLoft lets you protect your "baby" from theft, malicious destruction, sun damage, rust, and other environmental damage, but most of all, it elevates your car to the level of attention it deserves.

The Paul-Lincke-Hofe apartment lofts were converted from an old telegraph factory. Here's what they look like now, from the outside, at dusk.



Don't worry, car-loving city dwellers. There are already plans to build more CarLoft apartments in several European cities, Dubai, Mexico... even in the States. Soon... soon.

Langhof, CarLoft, via