Become Model Thin Through Fashion With Katie Gallagher’s Designs: No Diet Required

As if the fashion industry isn't already obsessed with being thin, a new fashion line by Katie Gallagher provides the starving model look; binging and purging not required. For that real exo-skeletal look, this unique fashion line relies on nude body-suits and re-created ribcages. I can't decide if this is one fashion line that will transform the fashion industry, by removing the need for crash dieting when the look is available through clothing, or if it's just another way to promote the model thin image to make pre-teen American girls feel inadequate. Read on and you tell me.

While the fashion clothing line itself may consist of fake, protruding rib cages; taking it a step further are the style sketches by designer Katie Gallagher. While the models themselves may not have that look, her design sketches have a zombie look and feel, which increases the eerie feeling of this fashion line.

With all these inadvertent statements about the world of models and fashion, I can't help but wonder why Katie Gallagher became a fashion designer. Or maybe there's no hidden meaning; it's just fashion.

Via: Cyana Trend Land