Become A Musician: Learn To Play The Ruler

You may have always liked the idea of becoming a musician but mom didn't force you through those endless piano or clarinet lessons like that geeky kid up the street. Now that you are all grown up the idea of fitting all Musical Ruler with SongbookMusical Ruler with Songbookthose lessons into your busy schedule is more than a little daunting. What you need is an instrument that you can learn to play while you are on the telephone on hold or during those lengthy commercial breaks on TV. You need the Musical Ruler with Songbook.

You don't need to be a musical genius, read music, or have perfect pitch. In fact it is probably better if you don't have perfect pitch when playing the Musical Ruler. The noise could be a bit annoying to some people, especially parents. This makes it the perfect first musical instrument for teens -- they can learn some basic musical concepts and drive mom or dad straight up the wall. What could be better?

Musical Ruler with SongbookMusical Ruler with SongbookThe ability to play the ruler also keeps you away from the labels of music nerd or band geek. You will absolutely be among those cool folks who can play their faces and rock the kazoo. You will also be way ahead of those who think they are musicians because they play air guitar.

While that thwacking noise may not seem like music to some, by changing the position of the ruler as you strike it will create a new note. The basic idea is that with one hand you place your fingers on the indicated circles and then move the ruler back and forth for the desired note while twanging the ruler with the other hand. 

While the Musical Ruler may not be the stuff of symphony orchestras, it is fun and a great way to amuse your friends and torture your family. To make sure that you are playing real music the ruler comes with its own songbook filled with familiar tunes. The book also contains some fun knowledge to go along with your quest for musical education.

Despite the coolness of the instrument it still takes practice to make music instead of noise, but before long you will be a virtuoso on the ruler. In a pinch you can even use this ruler as a ruler, but since it is from the United Kingdom it only measures in centimeters. Conversion to inches is up to you.

Now -- a-one, and a-two, and a-three . . .

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