A Bed You Will Never Want To Leave: The Balluga® Smart Bed


What does an inventor do when he has trouble sleeping?  He invents a bed that will allow him to sleep comfortably, of course. But North Londoner Joe Katan did more than just invent a comfortable bed; he invented a bed with a built-in genie, with tons of computer-controlled settings and wi-fi receptivity for all your other smart devices. Yes, the Balluga® is a very smart bed.


Balluga Smartbed: image courtesy of Balluga Smart Interactive BedsBalluga Smartbed: image courtesy of Balluga Smart Interactive Beds

Eight years in development, the Balluga Smartbed has been named one of 20 best British inventions for every day tasks, and will be featured at the Gadget Show Live beginning on April 9, 2014 in Birmingham, England. The Balluga certainly speaks well for British ingenuity.

Don't ask what it does; ask what it doesn't do, and I'd have to think hard. Ah! it doesn't accommodate your bathroom needs and it doesn't bring your breakfast to you (unless you have a robot aide, and then it could command it), but it might be able to cook your breakfast - remotely, of course. 

Made of hundreds of air-filled spheres, covered in foam, the Balluga not only conforms to your body, but follows your movement as your sleep. The bed's computer system adjusts for more or less support by zones as you move. You can get a therapeutic massage while you sleep, and the Balluga's cooling and heating controls keep your body temperature just right. The bed's base even lights up so you can find your way back from the w.c. at night and what a soothing ambient light it does create.


Balluga Smartbed: image courtesy of Balluga Smart Interactive BedsBalluga Smartbed: image courtesy of Balluga Smart Interactive Beds

All of your comfort settings can be stored in the Balluga app - did I mention yet that the Balluga has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity? - so that they can be applied to another Balluga bed, should you be fortunate enough to encounter one at your favorite hotel. The Belluga even offers suspension settings for medical needs.

Wait, I'm not finished. Balluga's connectivity not only helps you establish comfort settings for sleep, but for entertainment. The Belluga has a built-in entertainment system with Surround Sound and a projector for viewing TV, movies, games, files, and even home surveillance.

And, you can keep this bed clean!  Its sections are modular so you can remove each one and rinse and dry it before placing it back in the bed.  So nice not to worry about the dust and germs a mattress collects!

Oh, enough! You have to see it to believe it....


I doubt that I've covered everything this bed can do, but I do need to mention that the bed will come with a 20 year guarantee and if and when you are ready for a new one, the Balluga is totally recyclable and, as it is modular, it should be easy to dispose of in sections.

Oh, I just can't wait until the Balluga Smartbed is available in November, 2014! 


sources: Balluga.com via Daily Mail